5 best Dungeons weapons in Minecraft

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Minecraft Dungeons is the spin-off that every Minecraft player needed in their lives. While the classic game will never get old, it is good to have something entirely fresh to enjoy. Minecraft Dungeons is the dungeon crawler adventure game that we can all appreciate for its originality.

A title that focuses on players exploring deep, dark dungeons while hacking and slashing through the all-too-familiar mobs of the Minecraft universe, Dungeons requires its players to have the best weapons to stand a chance.

In this article, we make our picks for the best weapons, in no particular order, that you can acquire while fighting off monsters.

Note: This list does not include unique weapons.

5 best Minecraft Dungeons weapons


1) The Great Hammer

If you’ve ever had the urge to fulfill your Thor or Captain America fantasies and wanted to use a war hammer in an epic battle, Minecraft Dungeons can make it come true. The Great Hammer, though not as epic as the Mjolnir, is an excellent choice for a weapon. With its powerful damage that strikes more than one enemy at a time, the hammer is perfect for dealing with bigger mobs, despite its slower attack speed.

2) Soul Knife

A soul knife is a perfect pick if you’re going to be using a lot of soul builds. Souls are a resource in Minecraft Dungeons, and the Soul Knife makes it possible for you to collect two extra souls for each kill. Thus, it takes your soul collection count to three times the standard rate. These souls can then be used to boost your action and hurt enemies faster, and with more damage, than ever before.

3) Crossbow

The trusted companion for a Minecraft player that prefers to attack from a safe distance, the crossbow is faster than any other kind of bow. Even though it is a common ranged weapon, the crossbow is a dependable choice when you have to quickly deal with large mobs and do a lot of damage.

4) Sword

If only for the nostalgia of the classic game, a sword is one of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a basic melee offering that allows you to hack and slash with increased damage. It is incredibly reliable and is one of the best weapons to start your dungeon crawling adventure with.

5) Katana

A katana is the weapon of choice for a fearless warrior who fights with precision. This long sword allows players to deal some of the most severe damage for a rare weapon. Due to the increased area of attack, it can also be used to cut down more than one enemy at a time, making it essential when fighting off dangerous mobs.

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