5 best streaming platforms For video games

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Where would videogames be today without the privilege of live streaming? The esports industry, as it stands in 2020, does indeed owe a large debt to not just the streamers out there, but to the streaming platforms as well.

There is a different sort of joy and magic experienced when one watches their favorite esport personality wipe the floor with the opponents during a live broadcast. Streaming platforms offer that exact joy and thrill over and over again.

Moreover, a business in streaming video games is a very lucrative one, and there have been many companies who have created their own live-broadcast platforms over the years.

So it might get rather difficult to pick which platform to follow and which not to. To help you out, we have a list today that will go over 5 of the best video game streaming platforms as of 2020.

Five best video game streaming platforms as of 2020

1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube’s video game streaming platform may not be the most attractive streaming website out there, but its elegance does tend to lie in its simplicity and ease of use.

Moreover, the quality of stream that it provides is simply incredible, and the platform does support videos with 4K resolution at 60 fps frame rates.

Unique transcoding features are another aspect of the platform that streamers just love, and the website does allow the viewer to keep their favorite well-organized as the UI is very easy to manage.

2. Gosu Gamers

Gosu Gamers is another up and coming video game streaming website, which has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity off-late.

It has some deep ties with the esports scene around the world, and features a plethora of games on the platform, and such notable streamers like Voyboy.

Their content is quite good, but they are still growing, and there is much to be desired from the platform, primarily the interface, which is not all that attractive.

3. Smashcast

Formed after the merging of HitBox and Azubu.tv, Smashcast is hailed to have one of the best user interfaces among all the popular streaming platforms that are out there today.

It has a very attractive color scheme and comes with detailed video categorization features, which will let you catalog your favorite clips into ‘private’, ‘public’, and ‘adult only’.

However, unlike Twitch and YouTube, you will need a computer that boasts a higher performance than the average machine that is out there. But Smashcast does allow in-built capture cards and external devices to record live streaming sessions.

4. Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV is the streaming platform which the professional gamers prefer the most. It provides some of the simplest live streaming options for the player; however, it can be a bit complicated to use for the viewer.

5. Twitch

For years now, Twitch has remained the king of video game streaming, and 2020 is no different. It has some of the most prominent streamers in its arsenal and boasts a very attractive UI with flexible interface options.

Twitch is free to access, and by just visiting the website you will have access to a variety of videos and streams from not just hobbyist streamers but professional esports personalities as well.

Moreover, the paid Twitch turbo account offers a plethora of additional rich personalization options to the viewer, along with access to additional chat rooms and exclusive emoticons.

And though its video cataloging feature is pretty decent, it’s not exactly up to the mark as the rest of the streaming platforms on our list.


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