A New WhatsApp Warning: Security Flaw Confirmed

Islamabad: The biggest messaging application WhatsApp has detected a defect that hackers can use to steal users’ personal data.

Researchers have labeled this defective ‘Auckland’, which is a double-free bug inside the application and a file named Free-Free corrupts the memory of the mobile.

Once the file is damaged, it gives hackers the opportunity to access the user’s mobile which can easily steal user data.

Warning! Avoid the new combination of WhatsApp hackers.
The hacker uses the Jeff file and when the user opens the mobile gallery and opens it, the hacker enters the mobile.

This problem allows the hacker to access the user’s messages, videos, audio and other files.

In May this year, Facebook alerted all its users in this regard, Facebook initially found that a private or public entity was taking advantage of the WhatsApp error and violating human rights. Getting private information for

Hackers are constantly trying to exploit the shortcomings of this popular messaging app.

Pakistan is also using a new method to hack the WhatsApp in which hackers get information by calling telecommunications authorities.

A code is sent to the user’s mobile and then information is obtained by making a telephone call.

To prevent hackers’ fraud, WhatsApp application has a two-step security option.

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