Borderland The Pre REVIEW

There is still a lot of scope for improvement in games. Low gravity brings new dimensions to battle that many players may not have used before. It will be a very fun experience for them. Though the story has no life and mostly bored but the ending is good. Borderland 2 does not impress much in terms of jokes and mission design. So would it be right to buy it? Yes, if you are a fan of Borderland! But don’t imagine it to be too much fun. For this it would be good to wait for the next part.

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Borderland The Pre DETAILED REVIEW
By no means can it be called a bad game. However, after a long wait for Borderland 2, it does disappoint a bit. That too depends on your gaming experience first.

In the end, my entire review was limited to finding out whether it had an additional gun type, an element and a mechanics that would change the entire game? let’s watch

New weapons and ..

In the previous sequel, a new gun class – Lasers was given. Yes, this time you can use new weapons like fry, freeze, electrocute, swallow your enemy. You have a lot of fun with these mind blowing fun weapons but only in the beginning.

Yappy yay low gravity

The previous sequel was based on Pandora’s Moon Alpis. This time the game mechanics have been changed slightly. The entire story is based on Handsome Jack’s thinking.

The gameplay

Many things have been repeated in the secondary task. Many silly components come up again and again. In this, my first death was at the 13th level.


Many new stuff to be discovered in Borderland. The previous sequel and Low Gravity Environment are showing new types of battles that some players may enjoy. Overall Borderland 2 is not very inspiring in jokes and mission design. Big fans of Borderland can buy it. Other users I think should wait for the next Steam Sale.

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