5 Countries with The Highest Cryptocurrency Adoption Rates

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Do you know the names of countries, which have the highest number of crypto exchanges registered?
Are you aware that the USA is nowhere close to being the country with the highest cryptocurrency adoption?
Have you been planning and all-crypto vacation and want to find out the country where you can use your Bitcoins for everything?
The last five years have probably witnessed the highest number of changes in the crypto world. At its highest point, there were more than one thousand cryptocurrencies in the world. We have also seen crypto breach the $20K mark, and witness its sharpest fall in the beginning of the pandemic.

However, despite its short eventful history, different nations all over the world have engaged with cryptocurrencies at different levels. This concerns both regulations, adoptions, taxations and other elements.

In this article, we are going to look at five countries that have the highest rates of crypto adoption in the world.

1. Singapore

The small, yet rich South Asian nation has long been a preferred destination for global finance. The country continues to be at the forefront of crypto adoption with a majority of the exchanges being headquartered in Singapore.

Singapore recorded more ICOs in the last two years than even the United States itself. The Singapore government has been found to be highly favorable to crypto companies and the entire ecosystem in keeping with its image as being a country friendly to fintech.

2. Switzerland

Many in the Bitcoin system refer to Switzerland as the ‘promised land’ for cryptocurrencies. The country was among the first of the major economies to aggressively push for cryptocurrency adoption. Switzerland is also home to many rich and famous crypto exchanges.

The country has also gone as forward to list crypto companies on its official stock exchange. In addition, several regulations have been passed ordering the banks in the country to accept and store cryptocurrencies. The country has applied wealth taxes to crypto holdings.

3. Argentina

If there is one country which has won admiration from billion-dollar crypto CEOs it is Argentina. The country leads the race to crypto adoption, by introducing a slew of crypto-friendly investment laws and regulations.

Binance CEO, CZ, has gone on record on his official Twitter handle and praised Argentina towards the steps it is taking towards crypto adoption. Argentina has enabled the use of Bitcoin in several governmental services including public transport like buses. You can invest in bitcoins using

4. America

America’s relationship with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin can be considered as a love-hate one. Even though the country is the spiritual origin home of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the country has not been too favorable in its adoption.

However, the pandemic saw a welcome change with retail investors and Wall Street pushing for greater crypto adoption. There have also been some favorable appointments in governmental bodies in America, which have been interpreted as positive.

5. Turkey

You might not expect to see a country like Turkey on the list of nations aggressively pursuing crypto adoption. However, if you take into account its strained relationship with America and Saudi Arabia, you will realize that the country is looking for an economic stronghold.

Rising inflation levels also mean that the general population is banking on crypto to check levels. It should be pointed out that the perilous economic situation of Turkey has made its population depend on cryptocurrencies as a solution for all their problems.

The Final Word

The next few years are going to very exciting when it comes to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin truly going mainstream. With many people depending on bitcoin profit as a solid investment and safety valve, we need to see how different nations of the world live up to the expectations of their populations.

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