How to download GTA 5 latest version for PC in 2020

GTA 5, released in 2013, is still one of the most popular games across platforms today. One of the most significant contributors to the game’s continued success has been GTA Online, which boasts a rather large player base.

This title is available across many platforms, including PC, and there are a couple of places where you can purchase the game from. While on the console, GTA 5 can be bought only from the designated Store, PC users have a couple of options to choose from.

GTA 5 is available on the Epic Games Store as well as Steam, and you can compare prices and versions to pick out the best one. Here’s how you can download the game on your PC.

How to download GTA 5 on PC: Step-by-step guide


To download games on Steam, players will first need to create a Steam account and download the app on their PCs. Here’s how:

#1 Visit the Steam website, link here.

#2 Click Login, next to the Install Steam button, on the top of the page.

#3 Click Join Steam and follow the instructions to create a new account.

#4 Select Install Steam to download it on the PC. Alternatively, you can download the app after purchasing the game as well.

#5 Once Steam finishes downloading and installing, log in with your newly-made account.

#6 Once logged in, search for “Grand Theft Auto 5

#7 Pick from the available versions; the Premium Online Edition seems to be the one that offers the most value for money and gives you a leg up in GTA Online.

#8 After purchasing the game through either debit/credit card or any other methods of payment, the game will start downloading.

Installation tips:

Make sure there is enough free space on the hard drive you select for the game. Recommended space > 100 GB.
Do not download multiple games at once.
The base version of GTA 5 is more expensive than the Premium Online Edition.
Epic Games Store
Similar to Steam, players will also need an Epic Games account as well as the Epic Games Launcher to download and play GTA 5.

To create an Epic Games account and download the Epic Games Launcher, follow these steps:

#1 Select “Sign in” on the top-right corner of the screen, alongside the Get Epic Games option, on the Epic Games website.

#2 Create an account using “Sign Up“, or “Sign In” using existing accounts listed.

#3 You can purchase the game before downloading the Launcher, then complete the download there. However, downloading the Epic Games Launcher first is recommended.

#4 From the homepage, select Get Epic Games to download the Launcher.

Once the Epic Games Launcher has finished downloading, follow these steps:

#1 Look for GTA 5 after logging in with your Epic Games account.

#2 Select the “Buy Now” button to purchase the game using the various payment methods.

#3 GTA 5 will begin downloading after the purchase has been completed.

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