Facebook announces money to good writers an opportunity to earn $ 3 million a year

SAN FRANCISCO: The largest social networking site has announced paying customers.

The Facebook release states that the payment will only be made to the publishers whose news will be posted in the News tab, which will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The administration says that the editors of the News tab will be handled by experienced journalists, and the trusted team will select the news based on their experience.

In a recent interview to a French news agency, a Facebook spokesperson said, “With the advent of news tabs, the number of publishers will increase over time, we will select titles from different fields and in the beginning Will be limited.

The administration will provide money to writers and users who publish fact-based material, in the early days, good news will be paid to US and other countries whose news and articles will be published on Facebook.” ‘.

A separate tab called Facebook News Feed will be used by all users in the next few weeks where updates from other friends will continue to appear.

According to a report by the US newspaper The Wall Street General, Facebook contacted ABC, Washington Post, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and other organizations in connection with the publication and offered them a payment of $ 3 million annually.

It should also be remembered that in the past, there was a general impression that fake news on Facebook or negative information from the facts was intentionally viral, and the company took various measures to prevent it. Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zu ck er berg said, “We do our utmost to provide our readers with high-quality journalism to read and to avoid lying and access their real news

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