Google will launch the caption feature directly with Pixel 4 devices

Google announces a live title feature at the I / O conference. This feature displays audio on the screen in duplicate. The XDA developer has now revealed how this feature will work. This feature will analyze any audio stream and display transcript on screen.
Google said in May that a live caption feature would be developed to select devices running Android 10.
Two weeks later, Google will introduce Pixel 4 devices. They will have Android 10 OS installed. It could be said that one of the first devices to feature the Pixel 4’s direct title.

There will be one.
A screenshot of Pixel 4XL’s unreleased apk, reveals that this feature is easy to use.

Currently this feature is for English language only.

Soon more languages will be added to it. This feature can be accessed from the Accessibility menu and sound panel.
Due to memory and disk space constraints, the live caption feature will be available on select high end devices. The OnePlus 7T is the first device in which Android 10 will be introduced. It also won’t include this feature. This means it will initially be offered to a limited number of users.

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