How to get Andy character in PUBG Mobile For FREE

PUBG Mobile has finally launched its much-awaited Andy character. There are now four different characters in PUBG Mobile, including this new avatar. The speed of drawing and putting away guns will be buffed up to a maximum of 16 percent on upgrading this character.

In this article, we have discussed some easy tricks through which you can obtain the Andy character for free in PUBG Mobile.

By Character Vouchers:

Using Character Vouchers, players can buy these special characters for free, apart from also using UC to buy such characters. But for players who don’t have enough resources or UC, here are some easy ways to get this new character for free in PUBG Mobile. Andy Character costs around 1200 UC or 1200 Character Vouchers in the game.

How To Get Free Character Vouchers In PUBG Mobile:

#1 Via events in PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile launches daily new events in the game from which players can participate in free character events. One such event is now available in the game called Road Trip event. In this event, players have to complete daily missions, like playing classic matches and killing some enemies. It will reward them with Diesel to fuel their vehicles and get some reward crates. In these crates, a player can get up to 10 free Character Vouchers for himself.

#2 Andy character launch event:

All players in PUBG Mobile can get free 60 Character Vouchers for themselves. To collect the same, players can follow these steps so as to get the Andy character for free in PUBG Mobile:

Open PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone.Visit Andy character puppet show event.Let the puppet show run on your smartphone screen.Now tap on the puppet show, and you will see free 60 Character Vouchers.Collect these 60 Character Vouchers to buy the Andy character for free.

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