If you play PUBG Mobile games, never make this mistake,

To win a Pubg Chicken Dinner at the PUBG Mobile Game, if you do any gambling or pubg cheating then you have bad news.

To win Pubg Chicken Dinner at Pubbie Mobile Games (Pubg Hacks and Pubg Cheating) is bad news for you. This is because PUBG has announced a major step towards eliminating cheating in the game. As part of its move, Pubg on Saturday announced a 10-year ban on players who will be found to be in violation of the developers’ gaming standards.

The company said in its statement that unauthorized third-party apps or hacking players will be banned. Hack gives players unfair advantage.

Players will also be given the option to report to the accountability team through an in-game reporting process against cheating gamers. This will ensure that strict action is taken against such players. Along with this, the names of cheaters will also be made public.

Pubg Mobile solves problems on a monthly basis, giving its players a clean gaming environment. In an unprecedented move, the company banned more than 3,500 players in September.
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