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London (Web Desk) Instagram has launched a new Camera First App Threads, another step against its rival app Snap Chat, which aims to share content with close friends. Instagram is referring to the new app, saying it’s a new and unique place for close friends to connect. If users use threads, they can send messages, photos, videos and stores to their friends.

Specific listings and not necessarily share the content with everyone. The status of this app is An auto-status feature is also being provided that will let friends know where you are right now at home, and the process will be automated, which does not require fingering itself. Sharing location, speed and battery life with friends, while text, photo and video messages will be available. This app has been introduced when Instagram announced the deletion of its messaging app direct in May. What has been working on since 2017.

The company says another app from Instagram for sending messages from beta testers But the company had also expressed interest in developing a new messaging app at that time. The company thinks that a messaging app that is used only to communicate with close friends will prove to be more popular. It will also force its users to spend more time within the app than SnapChat. Facebook and Instagram have been trying to break the popularity of SnapChat’s youth for many years and an end to the anti-threads app’s attractiveness. And there’s effort.

Threads like Snap Chat will also automatically send updates to the close friends list. This year’s SnapMap feature was introduced in the chat, which allows users to see where their friends are and similar features are being provided in the threads.

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