Problems with the phone battery draining but when to charge

Problems with the phone battery draining but when to charge it and when to remove it? Finally, the experts resolved the problem

KARACHI Smartphones have become a necessity for humans and their battery drain and phone outages are nothing short of a nightmare, experts have suggested to keep mobile phone batteries healthy. Which can help a lot of users by implementing it.

According to Jeunesse, Hamilton, the customer service director of a well-known mobile company, says that if you want your smartphone battery to last and not run out of charge, always charge it up to 85 percent. Never let a battery drain at all, but as soon as the battery of the smartphone is 25%, immediately charge it but after 85% charge, remove it from the socket. He said that many of us must make this mistake. Do charge up to 100% of the phone’s battery, doing so constantly affects your phone’s lithium battery, causing the battery to weaken. Rua becomes.

Customer service director Hamilton added that never charge the phone for a durable phone battery, because most consumers do not remove the mobile from charging even when they are 100% charging, which is detrimental to the phone’s battery. Also, to protect the phone’s battery, always keep the screen’s ‘brightness’ ie light, keeping in mind that users can use their phone’s battery for a safe and long time.

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